Parents & Fans

Show your appreciation through applause and cheers for performances you enjoy.

Remain seated while a performance is underway. Enter and exit the gym only during the breaks between performances.

If you wish to take still photographs, be sure that the flash is turned off. Spinning flags, rifles, and sabres can be dangerous objects and require total concentration. A camera's flash may distract a performer, resulting in injury to themselves or others.

Our music licenses specifically prohibit any type of spectator video recording of any color guard or percussion performance. We set a positive example for our student performers by respecting the rights of the music composers through compliance with US Copyright Laws. Recording a performance, even by cell phone video, may result in the loss of a unit's music performance permissions, effectively ending the season they have worked hard to perform.
No video recording, in any format.

All performers and prop crew are seated in the back bleachers. It is never appropriate for performers or crew to sit in the front bleachers at any time, even if you are pulling the floor for the unit that is performing.

Be respectful of others' performances while you are in the gymnasium. The same etiquette rules that apply to spectators in the front bleachers, also apply to performers seated in the back bleachers: refrain from moving around during a performance, no flash photography,
and no video recording.

Make-up and hair styling should be done outside the gymnasium, not inside during another unit's performance. The use of make-up mirrors is especially distracting to the Judges seated across the gym floor from you.

Due to the limited amounts of available seating, as well as the safety risks they create, gym bags, flags, and equipment should not be brought into the gym when you are not on the performance floor.
Instructors and Staff

Be respectful of contest rules. All contest policies were created by the general membership and all participants are required to abide by them.

Never interrupt or attempt to stop a performance once it has begun, regardless of the reason. Only the Contest Director can stop or reset a performance. If there is a problem, speak to the Contest Director immediately, but the music and interval clock will continue until the Contest Director signals a stop.

Judges' Critique is your opportunity for one-to-one time with the judges, and to receive valuable feedback that will improve your show. Attempts to debate score or judges' commentary are inappropriate in Critique. Be sure to listen to your Judges' commentaries before going into Critique, and make a list of topics you wish to discuss.

Occasionally, issues may arise that you wish to discuss with the Board of Directors. All issues with your performers, show dates, and membership can usually be mutually resolved during the week between contests.